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本文摘要:Unit5 Topic1【重点短语】1. know little about 对……险些不相识Know more / a little / nothing about…2. place(s) of interest 胜景奇迹3. the birthplace of Chinese culture 中华文化的起源地4. attract millions of tourists 吸引了成百万的游客5. a great number of 许多the number of …的数目


Unit5 Topic1【重点短语】1. know little about 对……险些不相识Know more / a little / nothing about…2. place(s) of interest 胜景奇迹3. the birthplace of Chinese culture 中华文化的起源地4. attract millions of tourists 吸引了成百万的游客5. a great number of 许多the number of …的数目6. the second longest river 第二长河7. fetch sb. sth. = fetch sth. for sb. 为某人取某物8. introduce …in detail 详细地先容……introduce A to B 把A 先容给Bintroduce oneself 自我先容9. lie in 位于……内10. run / go through… 流经 / 途经……11. be well worth doing sth. 很值得做某事12. regard…as…把……看成…..be regarded as …被看成…13. a symbol of imperial power 帝王权利的象征14.carve sth. on the stone 把…刻在石头上15.guard the whole nation 守卫整个民族16.play an important part / role in 在…发挥重要作用17.be made of white marble 由白色的大理石制成18.stretch from …..to…从…. 延伸到….19.be made of packed earth and wood 由成袋的土壤和木头制成be made of stone and brick 由石头和砖块制成20.bring tourists into China 把游客带入中国21.a treasure of Chinese civilization 中华民族的瑰宝22.join…together …. 把…毗连在一起23.wear away (wore away, have / has worn away ) 磨损24.separate …. from …把…从…离开25. be famous for 因…而著名be famous as …be known as …. 作为….而着名26.an important Chinese export 一项很重要的中国出口产物27.sound similar to 听起来和…很相像28.the mild climate 温和的气候29. rich soil 肥沃的土地30.develop unique tea culture 生长唯一无二的茶文化【词形转换】1. attract (v.) 吸引---attraction (名词)-- attractive (adj.) 吸引人的 2. tour ---tourist (名词) 游客3. introduce (动词)--introduction(名词)4.long ( adj. )--- length ( n. )5. high( adj.) – height ( n.)6. wear ---- wore ---- worn7 enemy -- enemies8. responsible ---- responsibility【重点句型】1. It is / has been …… since ….. 自从…以来已经多久了2. And many of them are famous, such as Mount Song, Mount Huang and Mount Emei.它们当中许多很有名,好比嵩山、恒山和峨眉山。3. Among them, the Changjiang River is the longest one and the second longest one is the Yellow River.它们当中长江是最长的一条,第二长的是黄河。4. What grand buildings!何等壮丽的修建物啊!5. It’s said that ….. 听说…6. It’s a mountain with lots of strange pine trees. 它是一座长着许多奇松的山7.It stretches from Shanghaiguan in the east to Jiayuguan in the west .它从东部山海关一直延伸到西部嘉峪关8.The first emperor ,QinShihuang, joined all these smaller walls together to make the Great Wall.第一个天子秦始皇将所有小城墙毗连起来成了长城。

9. These early walls that were made of packed earth and wood wore away in the rain and wind.由成袋的土壤和木头制成的早期城墙在风雨中磨损了。10.The Great Wall was first built by ancient people to separate them from their enemies.起初修建长城是为了将人们和敌人分散开。11. The Great Wall is a treasure of Chinese civilization and it is regarded as a symbol of the Chinese nation.长城是中华文明的瑰宝和中华民族的象征。

【重要知识点】1. If you want to learn more, I can fetch you Guide to China.如果你想相识更多,我可以给你拿一本《中国指南》fetch = go somewhere and bring sth./ sb. back 到别处去取回或把人请来fetch sb. sth.= fetch sth. for sb. 为某人取某物eg. Could you fetch me some chalk? = Could you fetch some chalk for me?Have you fetched the doctor?bring 指从别处把某人(物)带来(拿来)。take 指拿去;带去”。与bring相反。fetch 指到别处去取回或把人请来。

carry 指搬动较重的物体,无偏向性。eg. Bring me today’s newspaper, please. 请帮我把今天的报纸拿来。

Take this book to my office. 把这本书拿到我的办公室去。Please fetch a doctor for Lao Li. 请为老李请一位医生来。Students often help the old man carry water. 学生们经常帮那位老人提水。

2. It (The Yellow River) is the second longest river in China.它(黄河)是中国的第二长河。“ the +序数词+形容词最高级+可数名词单数”, 表现“第几……的”。

如:I think computer is the first most useful tool of all.我想电脑是所有工具中最有用的。The second most important thing is to come here by yourself.第二重要的事是你自己来到这儿。3. It goes through nine provinces and finally joins the Bohai Sea.它流经九个省份,最终汇入渤海湾。go through “穿过;通过”,指通过双方,相当于一条直线go across “穿过;横穿”,指从这边到那里,相当于一条线段eg. go through the street (竖)穿过街道go across the street = cross the street (横)过马路4. be known/famous as… “作为……而着名”be known/famous for… “因……而着名”be known to… “为……所熟知”eg. Yao Ming is known/famous as a basketball player.姚明作为一名蓝球运发动而着名.West Lake is known/famous for its beautiful scenery.西湖因秀丽的景致而着名.Beijing is known to all the people in the world because of the 2008 Olympic Games.北京因为2008年奥运会而为全世界人民所熟知.【重点语法】定语从句在复合句中,修饰某一名词或代词的从句。

而被修饰的名词或代词被称为先行词。定语从句放在先行词的后面,由关系代词或关系副词引导。常见的关系代词有:that 指代“人或物”which 指代“物”who/ whom 指代“人”whose 指代“某人的”关系代词在从句作主语或宾语; whose作定语。

作宾语时关系代词可省略。本话题中泛起以下定语从句:China is a big country that has about 5,000 years of history.中国是一个拥有约五千年历史的大国。

That’s all (that) I know. 那是我所知道的全部。It’s a book which introduces China in detail. 它是一本详细先容中国的书。

It’s Mount Tai that/ which lies in Shandong Province.它是位于山东省境内的泰山。That’s the most fantastic place (that)I have ever heard of.那是我曾听说过的最神奇的地方。West Lake which lies in Hangzhou is one of the most famous lakes in China.位于杭州市的西湖是中国最著名的湖泊之一。There are three beautiful places which shouldn’t be missed by visitors to China.有三个不容被来到中国的游客所错过的漂亮地方。

Unit5 Topic2【重点词组】1. in the field of education 在教育领域2. in the year 551 B.C. 在公元前551年3. a great thinker 一名伟大的思想家4. in one’s twenties / thirties 在某人20几、30几岁5. pass away 去世6. be proud of 为...感应自豪7. be the pride of 是...的自满8. play an important role / part in 在...起重要作用9. succeed in doing sth 乐成地做...10. die of / from illness 死于疾病11. graduate from... 结业于...12. make a contribution(s) to sth 为...做孝敬13. return to 返回...14. set up 建设15. in charge of 掌管/卖力...16. at the age of 在...岁时17. travel across the Pacific Ocean to the United States for further study 飘洋过海到美国深造18. at first 起初19. at the end of 在...末(末端)20. make fireworks 制作烟花【词形转换】1. think (v.) --- thinker (n.)2. lead (v.) ---leader (n.)3. sail (v.) --- sailing (n.) --- sailor (n.)4. graduate (v.) --- graduation (n.)5. research (v.) --- researcher (n.)6. discover (v.) --- discovery (n.)7. express (v.) --- expression (n.)8. kindness (n.)---kind (adj.)9. east (n.) --- eastern (adj.)【重点句型】1. He was a great thinker who had many wise ideas about human nature and behavior.他是一名对人类天性与行为有着真知灼见的伟大思想家。2. He was also a famous philosopher whose wise saying have influenced many people in different countries.】他也是一名著名的哲学家,他的至理名言影响了差别国家的许多人。3. He was really a great man from whom I can learn a lot.他简直是一个我们能从他身上学到许多工具的了不起的人。4. At that time, the compass played an important role in his sailing.那时,指南针在航海中起到重要的作用。

5. He even succeeded in sailing to the east coast of Africa.他甚至乐成的航行到非洲东海岸。6. It’s hard to believe. 难以置信。7. Unfortunately, he died of illness on his way home from Africa in 1433.不幸的是,他在1433年从非洲回家途中病故。

8. What a shame! 真惋惜9. Qian Xuesen graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.钱学森结业于上海交通大学。10. He became a teacher as well as a researcher who studied rockets and missile theories.结业后,他成为一名老师同时也是研究火箭和导弹理论的研究员。

11. He was in charge of developing China’s missiles, rocket and spacecraft research programs.他主管中国的导弹,火箭和宇宙飞船的研究项目。12. He was honored as “The Father of China’s Missiles”.他被誉为中国导弹之父。

13. He is really the pride of China.他简直是中国人的自满。Unit5 Topic3【重点短语】1. see…doing 瞥见……正在做某事2. long ago 良久以前3. either…or… 要么/或者…要么/或者4. have sth. done 让某事被做5. a symbol of ……的象征6. look like 看起来像7. some/one day 某一天8. ring out 发出清脆的啼声9. make a report about 做有关……的陈诉10. in class 课堂上11. give up doing 放弃做某事give…up 放弃12. not only…but also…不仅……而且13. in/during one’s lifetime在某人的一生中14. admire sb. for sth. 因某事钦佩某人15. exploring spirit 探索精神16. be born 出生17. neither…nor 既不……也不18. encourage sb. to do 勉励某人做某事19. call sb... 叫/称某人...20. during the following years 在接下来的几年里21. take an active part in 努力到场22. a highly respected lawyer 高度受人尊重的状师23. break out 发作24. get rid of 消除, 排除, 根除25. set sb. free 释放某人26. less than/more than 少于/多于27. study by oneself 自学28. break up the country 破裂这个国家29. consider sth. sth. 把某物看成某物30. at that time 在那时31. according to 凭据32. order sb. to do sth. 下令某人做某事33. …meters high/long/wide 几多米高/长/宽34. continue to do 继续做某事35. working people 劳感人民【重要句型】1. I really hope I can visit some of these places.我真的希望某一天我能观光这些地方中的一部门。2. I think we have learned a lot from the famous people around the world.我认为我们从世界著名人物身上学到了许多。

3. Not only did she discover radium but also she won the Nobel Prize twice in her lifetime.她不仅发现了镭,而且在她的一生中两度获得诺贝尔奖。4. I admire Thomas Edison both for his exploring spirit and for his great inventions.我钦佩托马斯·爱迪生他的探索精神和伟大的发现(缔造)。5. During the following years, he took a more active part in politics.在接下来的几年里,他更努力的到场政治(运动)。

6. Studies show that it took 100 000 people over 20 years to complete it.研究讲明,建成它(金字塔)要花10万人20多年的时间。7. The biggest stone weighs as much as 15 tons.最大的石头重达15吨。

【重点语法】连词1. either..or…, neither…nor…, not only…but also…连主语,谓语动词使用就近原则。Eg: Either you or he is right. 要么你对,要么他对。Neither he nor his parents have been to Beijing.他和他的怙恃都没去过北京。

Not only Jane but also her friends like Chinese food.不仅简而且她的朋侪都喜欢中国的美食。2. both…and…连主语,谓语动词用复数Eg: Both he and his uncle like Beijing Opera. 他和他的娘舅都喜欢京剧。Unit6 Topic1【重点短语】1. learn to do sth 学习去做某事2. play Chinese chess 下中国象棋3. in one’s spare time 在某人空闲时间4. prefer doing sth 更喜欢做某事5. would rather do/ sth than do/ sth 比起..更愿意做...6. a story with a sad ending 有着伤心末端的故事7. make us laugh 使我们发笑8. in a tired voice 以疲劳的嗓音9. in surprise 惊讶地10. science fiction movies 科幻影戏11. be interested in 对...感兴趣12. be shown 上映13. be based on 以...为基础14. with the help of 在...的资助下15. put on 穿上,上演16. a group of 一队,一群17. get lost 迷路18. start a different kind of friendship 开始一种非比寻常的友谊19. three pieces of news 三条新闻20. take up 占据 从事(职业)21. have a huge influence on 对...有庞大的影响22. as is known to all 众所周知23. provide sb with sth 向某人提供某物24. instead of doing 取代做某事25. do outdoor activities 做户外运动26. in general 一般来说27. after all 究竟【重点句型】1. It is hard for me to learn to play Chinese chess.对我来说学习下中国象棋是难题的。

2. In my spare time, I prefer watching TV.在我空闲时候,我更喜欢看电视。3. --I would rather watch sports shows than those ones.-- So would I.--比起那些节目我更愿意看体育节目。--我也是would rather do= prefer to do当than前后的动词一致时,为制止重复,后者可省略。

当would rather 表现比力时, 为了制止重复,有事会省略比力的工具。In fact, many people living in the city would rather live in the country。

事实上,许多住在城里的人更愿意生活在乡下。4. You look a little tired today. Are you all right?今天你看来有点疲劳。你还好吗?5. I am very interested in them. 我对它们很感兴趣。

6. Could you teach me how to play it? 你能教我怎样下棋吗?7. Many people spend most of their spare time watching it.许多人花费他们大部门的空余时间看电视。8. As is known to all, television is one of the most important ways of getting information.众所周知,电视是获得信息最重要的方式之一。

9. Therefore, television is not only a way we learn about the world, but also a good entertainment.因此,电视不仅是我们相识世界的一种方式,而且是一种好的娱乐。10. Instead of doing outdoor activities, they usually sit in front of the screen for hours enjoying the funny shows and cartoons without a break.取代去做户外运动,他们通常一连几个小时坐在荧幕前去浏览有趣的演出和卡通节目。Unit6 Topic2【重点词组】1. defeat their enemies 打败他们的敌人2. in order to 为了3. in fact 实际上4. in my view 在我看来; 我认为5. without the help of… 如果没有...的资助6. be considered to be… 被认为是...7. a lot of poetry 许多诗8. be regarded as…被视为...9. be known/famous for 因...而著名10. grow up 长大11. go for long walks in the mountains 在山里长时间地散步12. take boat rides 搭船13. have a strong imagination 想象力很富厚14. graduate from... 从...结业15. each time 每次16. from an early age 从小17. be interested in…对...感兴趣18. be set free 被...释放19. fight against ...与...作斗争20. have one’s hair cut (让别人)剃头21. all of a sudden 突如其来地,蓦地地22. look at me that way 那样地看着我23. cut off 切除, 切断24. without the least hope of owning them 丝毫没有拥有它的希望25. long for 盼望, 羡慕;憧憬26. at first 起先27. have no idea 不知道,不相识28. put...away 把...收好29. at present 现在【重点句型】1. I think he is the bravest character I’ve ever known.我认为他是我所认识的最勇敢的角色。2. In fact, it was Sandy and Pigsy who helped the Monkey King win every battle.实际上, 正是沙僧人和猪八戒资助了孙悟空赢得每次战役。

3. In my view, neither the Monkey King nor harry Potter would become a hero without the help of their friends.在我看来, 如果没有朋侪的资助,孙悟空和哈利波特都不会成为英雄。4. That’s true. One tree can’t make a forest.确实是这样的。独木不成林。

5. Romeo and Juliet was a famous tragedy written by Shakespeare.《罗密欧与朱丽叶》是莎士比亚写的著名的悲剧。6. In one poem, Wordsworth explained how happy he was each time he saw a rainbow.在一首诗中, Wordsworth解释他每次看到彩虹是何等地兴奋。7. Isn’t it lovely, Jim?它很悦目对吗,Jim?8. From an early age, Shakespeare was interested in acting in plays.从小莎士比亚就对在剧中演出很感兴趣。

9. I do understand. 我真的明白。10. I have no idea what it could be.我不知道它会是什么。Unit6 Topic3【重点短语】1. graduate from 从......结业2. a graduation ceremony 结业仪式3. get ready for 为......做好准备4. pass the final examination 通逾期末考试5. give speeches at the ceremony 在仪式上做演讲6. remember our friendship forever 永远铭刻我们的友谊7. around the corner 很近;即将发生8. on the back of 在......后面9. have a class get-together 举行班级聚会10. exchange the presents with each other 交换礼物11. make plans for the future 为未来制定计划12. dozens of 许多13. from the bottom of my heart 从心田深处14. wish you success 祝你乐成15. get along well with 和某人相处的好16. to one’s great joy 使某人开心的事17. Excellent Student Award 优秀学生奖18. keep on working 继续事情19. the friendship among the classmates 同学间的友谊20. express thanks to sb. 向某人表达谢谢21. the fruits of one’s past three years’ hard work已往三年辛勤事情的劳动结果22. receive a diploma 取得文凭23. chat with sb. 跟某人闲谈24. mark the end of a period 标志着一个阶段的竣事25. come to an end 竣事26. give big hugs to sb. 牢牢的拥抱某人27. join sb. any minute 随时加入28. set off 出发29. get back to sp. 回到某地30. promise to do sth. 保证做某事31. have a great future 拥有一个灼烁的未来32. look forward to doing 期待做某事33. take care 保重34. have a safe flight 一路平安35. an Address book 通讯录36. parting wishes 临别赠言【重点句型】1. How time flies! 时光飞逝2. Take it easy.放轻松,逐步来。3. I’ll say I have learned not only how to study, but how to be a man.我要说的是我不仅学到了如何学习,而且学会了如何做人。

4. Thinking back on the past three years, I have learned that if I want to succeed, I must study hard.追念已往的三年,我明白了如果我想要乐成,就必须努力学习。5. Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.如果我下定刻意做事没有什么是不行能的。/世上无难事,只怕有心人。

6. Where there is a will, there is a way.有志者事竟成。7. As is known to all, “Everything comes to him who waits.”众所周知,功夫不负有心人。

8. I’m sure it will be more and more valuable as time goes by.随着时间的推移我相信这将会变得越来越有价值。9. There is no royal road to learning.书山有路勤为径。

10. A graduation ceremony is a custom which takes place when students graduate from a school.结业仪式是学生们从学校结业时举行的一种仪式。11. During the ceremony,It is common for several students to give speeches.在仪式之中,几个学生做演讲是普遍的。

12. It is also sad because the time when they studied with friends has come to an end.他们跟朋侪们学习的时光已经竣事也真是伤心的事。13. I wish my classmates and teachers health, happiness and good luck.我祝愿我的同学们和老师们都康健,幸福和洽运。

14. I’m sad to be here watching you all heading back home.在这里看着你们都返回家乡我很伤感。关注中学英语在线快递头条号:分享给您更多英语资讯声明 本文由中学英语在线快递整理,版权归相关权利人所有, 文章内容如涉及侵权请联系删除。



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